My Eid

Belated Eid Mubarak!! I know I am late but the last few days were tiring. For all the people who don’t know what Eid is or what I am babbling about let me explain. Eid ul Fitr is a Muslim religious festival that marks the end of Ramadan. You can Google it if you are interested to know more or just message me, don’t wanna forcefully make people read about it.
I spent the last whole day with my maternal extended family who invited us over for lunch and dinner. My cousin’s 5 year old daughter kept chasing me around. She is adorable and has started to love me (and here I thought I was a mean person). I was sitting on a folding chair and I didn’t know she was standing right behind me pulling at it. My uncle asked me to do something so I got up but the chair kind of flipped and she fell. She started crying and then I started crying because I thought it was my fault, I am a softie. Just wanted to share this moment here so in future when I feel emotionless and heartless, I can come back and read this.

My first day was spent getting ready, taking pictures and realizing how bad they all turned out to be. I don’t know how social media and apps like Instagram and Snapchat can have so much affect on my mood. I am not one of those people who spend all their time getting jealous. I am fine with everyone being happy and posting pretty pictures. It just makes me realize how miserable I feel (ugly too). All those videos showing how you can click good pictures don’t matter because I do click nice photos, it’s just people click ugly photos of me. It’s super annoying!

I told my mom how I don’t feel happy like not in a specific moment or something like generally and how I don’t feel excited like I used to. I guess I haven’t felt happy, content and satisfied in a long time but it’s Eid so no sad talk.

In short, just wanted to write something, nothing extra ordinary. Just wanted to talk about my day I guess.

Note: I made an Instagram account with this username -> thinbrowngirl I haven’t started posting yet because i don’t know if people are interested plus i don’t have many followers. Just dropping it here in case anyone wants to go and follow me.

Have a nice day! Bye for now




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  1. Little kids are the best!❤❤❤

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  2. Belated Eid Mubarak, buddy! I hope you had a great one. I have just noticed that all your posts are featured by flowers. Oh, who doesn’t like flowers? We love them. I love your blog too. Keep up the good work.
    A Thin Brown Boy.

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  3. Belated Eid Mubaarak! Great post! Looking forward to more of your posts! :’))

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  4. Another amazing post! I always look forward to your posts! I am pretty sure you already have checked out my site, but if you have not I do aim to encourage and inspire through my words and you might find it a good read!

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  5. Thank you for the information about Eid. I loved reading about it. If you cry because a little girl is crying, that shows compassion and empathy, not heartlessness! Love reading your posts!

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  6. What a charming post, especially the bit about your cousin’s daughter. so sweet.

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  7. Belated Eid Mubarak 💕 great read 😃

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  8. Happy belated Eid! I hope you had a great time with your family? 😊😊

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  9. I am glad you were able to enjoy the holiday with your family. And fortunately, your little cousin is none the worse for wear from the tumble. I expect you will both laugh about it in the future.

    I am sorry you have not “felt happy, content and satisfied” for a while. It is good that you felt you could tell your mom. If you feel you need to reach out beyond that, do not hesitate. I don’t know where you live, but the local office of the United Way or county health department may be able to direct you to a confidential counseling center for teens. Often the first few sessions are no charge.

    For my own part, I have been dealing with some serious family issues, so I probably would not characterize my own life as “happy, content and satisfied” in any kind of overall sense. Nonetheless, I try to take some time each day to do something that I genuinely enjoy, even if it is for a short time. And I try to find wonder and delight in something unexpected–whether it’s learning something interesting or just noticing the way the raindrops clung to the tiny mesh in my window screens. Also, I try to make sure I get exercise and to stay in touch with other people.

    Faith is also very helpful for me. I feel reassured that God loves me. And I endeavor to show God’s love to others. Although I am not Muslim, I respect the devotion, prayer and sacrifice that are part of the Ramadan observance, and the celebration of Eid al-Fitr which follows. I hope you can draw on your experience growing closer to God and enjoy the moments of Eid al-Fitr and beyond. Each of those moments is a precious gift, and I thank you for sharing some of them here.

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  10. Eid Mubarak! Here in Singapore, we say Selamat Hari Raya to our Muslim friends celebrating the occasion!

    Thank you for sharing your day and time with family – the good and the not so great.

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  11. Belated Eid Mubarak

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